Learn how to build powerful apps.

Turn ideas into real digital products. Learn how to build digital solutions without any programming skills.

What you get with BRYTER Academy

Digital certification

You will get personal, interactive, hands-on online training. After passing an online assessment, you will receive an official BRYTER Engineering certification.

Enhance your CV

Stand out from the crowd. There is a huge demand in companies and law firms for professionals with both the sector expertise and the skills to build digital solutions.

Hands-on tech experience

Cut through the legal tech hype and get hands-on, practical experience building digital solutions using market-leading technology.

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Get up and running in BRYTER, explore its features in no time. 

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The Contractual Clause Generator

Explore the tool and get to know awesome features in BRYTER to create a Self Service Solution that overcomes operational challenges.
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The NDA Suite

Explore the NDA Suite and how BRYTER can solve your pain points by reducing procedural steps, using an integrated signing software and reducing the maintenance effort to a minimum.
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Virtual Legal Assistance Tool

Learn how this tool helps you to automate your entire intake process and reduce time spent on administrative processes.  
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BRYTER for iManage

Store created contracts or review reports in the right place and link it to the right projects to handle incoming requests in no time.

...and learn BRYTER's tools!

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Automate your Document 

Explore how to generate an automated document in BRYTER that responds to the user's input.

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Create a Case Database

Store your data in a case database for further processing.

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Create a Data View

Make only certain data accessible for a specific audience. 

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URL Parameters

Automatically repeat processes, redirect to other processes, and hand over to other stakeholders for further processing.

The Team

We have a team of instructors made up of professionals from different fields who share their knowledge to help you get started in BRYTER.

Juliane Walter

Customer Education Manager

Inessa Komandirova

Customer Education Specialist

Nicolas Wetz

Growth Marketing Manager 

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